Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan state and have a unique category in tourism and business market. It is mainly known for its Art and Tradition. But not only Jaipur but the whole Rajasthan has always been famous for its handicrafts and artworks. Each part of Rajasthan has its own Historical Rhythm with its Art, Craft and Tradition.

And to showcase that sheer beauty of Rajasthani Art and Craft, Chokhi Dhani has come forward and decided to conceive Kala Gram with an idea to encourage the local and traditional artists, to reveal their skills, demonstrate the art and sell their goods.

Besides selling the goods Chokhi Dhani wants to make this solitary art renowned on a global level and the main purpose behind the project is to provide a wide stage to the local and rural artists to show their creations to the national and international tourists.

Kala Gram is indeed a earnest effort to heighten the acknowledgement of all the solitary arts of the villages of Rajasthan. This place is arranged to display the use of Rajasthani art and craft in the modern daily life. It will appear as the best destination to try the distinct Hand woven cloths, Embroidaries and Mirror Works, Blue Pottery and Rajasthani Miniatures, Hand Block Printing, Silver Jewellery, Tarkashi and the numerous Handicrafts of Rajasthan.

Kala Gram is the place 'to look for' every art lover because every inch of Kala Gram have the most effective fragrance of art. Your eyes will feel a treat while watching the live demonstration of the various art and crafts of Rajasthan.

Your visit to this place will instead create a deep interest towards the Historical Art and Craft of Rajasthan.

The kalagram recreates the magic of

1. Blue Pottery: Art of using blue glaze on pottery.

2. Paper Mache – Art of making decorative using a mixture of waste papers & clay.

3. Bagru Print: The traditional art of hand block printing using wooden block.

4. Koftgari Art: The ancient art of creating antique looking metal wares with gold or silver finish.

5. Carpets & Durries: Woolen carpets and Cotton durries of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner are always been popular amongst the people. These carpets are hand knotted with stunning Persian designs and the cotton durries has the most beautiful geographical motifs and pastel shades.

6. Marbel Craft: The beautiful marble crafts of Rajasthan are very popular. These consist of carved wall hangings, beautiful sculptures, statues of gods & goddesses, furniture & tabletops, flower vases, fireplaces, statues, etc in marble.

7. Wooden Craft: The carved wooden furniture having different styles and designs are indeed beautiful and eye-catching. The lattice work is most famous in this category. you can purchase carved casket, screens, doors, chairs, tables, shelf, etc.

8. Jaipuri Rajai: The specialty of Jaipuri quilts or Jaipur rajais is they are light and soft as feathers and more importantly they are of high quality. They are available in many varieties like cotton block printed, velvet printed, etc.

9. Mojri Work: The beautifully crafted mojris and jutis are loved among people. They have the most diverse range of different designs and patterns. Jutis engraved with "Kashida Kari" (kind of embroidery) are incredibly popular.

10. Gem Stone Painting: Gemstone Painting emphasizes the usage of colors derived from natural gemstones (precious and semiprecious stones) to create vivid and colorful designs. The Beautiful Rajasthani women, deities and Mughal court scenes are the main themes of these Paintings. The gemstone paintings of the region are heavily in demand all over the world.

11. Tarkashi Art: brass or copper embellish work in boxes, tables and trays is called tarkashi and it utilizes lustrous metal wire in the wood to make delicate arithmetic patterns.

12. Leather Items: The most popular leather articles of Rajasthan are Footwear and Purses made in Jaipur. The trendy as well as standard Rajasthani leather is embroidered, punched, studded and stitched in various eye catching designs.

13. Tie and Dye: As the name says, this method includes two phases: tying a cloth and then plunging it into vessel of color. The rainbow-tinged turbans of the Rajputs and the odhnis of their women are shaded by this method of resist dyeing.

14. Bone Jewellery: Rajasthan is a hub of animal Bone and horn jewellery, which are beautifully designed and infection free.

15. Rajasthani Fancy Jewellery: The artistic delicacy and elaborateness in the manufacturing of Rajasthani jewellery made of purest and finest materials is world-renowned.

16. Puppet making: Puppets is an ancient and popular form of folk entertainment. No village fair, no religious festival and no social gathering in Rajasthan can be complete without Puppets.

17. Miniature Painting: Miniature is a traditional style of art that is extremely detailed, keen and recherche in color and have monolithic strength of composition. They refer as working "in miniature". They are also painted to have as smoothest surface as possible.

18. Barmeri Cloth: The exquisitely rich red and blue ajrakh cloth of barmer is famous and has a long and complex printing process of vigorous beating, successive dipping and polishing sessions. The finest ajrakh is a variety which is printed on both sides. Link to Webpage