Jaipur Resort

Executive Cottage

Executive Cottages at Chokhi Dhani Resort are ideal for the executives and families looking for a home away from home offering extended-stay accommodation.

Royal Cottage

The Royal Cottages are the perfect blend of ethnic setting and modern living as the cottages are fully equipped with urban amenities. These Royal Cottages with rich ethnic…

Royal Suite

Staying in one of our Royal Suites at Chokhi Dhani Resort ensures that you have a magnificent time. The interiors of the Royal Suite speak of the classic elegance of the past and age-old Rajasthani traditions…

Family Royal Suite

As the saying goes, “nothing we do for our children is ever wasted” holds true and being a family means you are part of something really wonderful…

Dola Maru Suite

The Dola Maru suite is as romantic as the fairytale itself. Celebrate unforgettable memories with your partner in this mini luxurious Rajasthani paradise. The traditional features, fresco wall murals, and vintage furnishings all contribute to the ethnic decor of this romantic suite.

Haveli Suite

While maintaining Rajasthan’s palatial charm, the Haveli suite is decorated with Rajasthani artwork and royal furnishings. This suite has a very cosy atmosphere with its warm colour palettes. This suite is divided into a living room and a bedroom.

Duplex Suite

Our Chokhi Dhani Duplex Suite is traditionally decorated with ethnic furniture, Rajasthani paintings, rich handicrafts and the heritage of Rajasthan. These rooms offer a spectrum of moods in their design elements and rustic colour palettes. It is an ideal place for vacation and business meetings with 5-star facilities fulfilling all our guests’ requirements…

Presidential Suite

Chokhi Dhani’s Presidential Suites are the best luxury suites for business travellers and honeymooners. It offers a master bedroom, royal dining room, and a private swimming pool. This suite offers its guests the most unforgettable experience during their stay here.