Jaipur Resort

Food is the universal love that all of us discover sooner or later, and we try to satisfy this love by treating ourselves to different varieties and rich food around the world. We at Chokhi Dhani understand this desire for good food from our customers and help fulfill it by providing delicious & tempting food at our fine dining from our top restaurants in Jaipur and the rest of the world.

top restaurants in jaipur

Bindola Restaurant

A cosy round-shaped restaurant with intricate Rajasthani Mandana hand wall paintings, roof lanterns and wooden ceilings replete the traditional heritage theme. The restaurant is set to give you a pleasant folksy ambience but also has hints of luxury and is fully carpeted. The ethnic Bindola restaurant serves Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines. If you are looking for a perfect place to host a social gathering, an event or a great meet-up a place, then Bindola is the place you want to be.

Aarogosa Restaurant

This is a royal-themed multicuisine restaurant. This restaurant with its heritage architecture, palatial build, and breathtaking interiors leaves guests mesmerised. The aura of royalty and Rajasthani culture emanates from the interiors of this fine-dining retreat. To continue the thread of Chokhi Dhani’s traditional hospitality, we have named this restaurant ‘Aarogosa’ which means ‘please eat’: a courteous and deferential way of inviting or requesting our beloved guests to start their feast.

Sajjan Goth

The Sajjan Goth Restaurant presents multi cuisine food items with an extraordinary ambience.

Chandi Mahal Bar

Chandi Mahal Bar is an open-air restaurant and bar, decked with royal Mughal floral work on marble, making the guests feel opulent.

Kesar Kyari ::
The Bar-be-que

Kesar Kyari is an antiquely-furnished restaurant that is the perfect place to organize your private get-together while staying amidst the Chokhi Dhani Resort setting. A suitable venue for holding small parties and special occasions, Kesar Kyari is an attractive outdoor place with a majestic wrought iron canopied seating arrangement.

The vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies served here are mouth-watering and guests can relish these with their favourite mocktails. As guests enjoy their meal, our skilled chefs are busy at work preparing various dishes in the live kitchen, situated on one side of the restaurant. It opens in the evenings and offers delicious barbecue dishes.


The Chaupal restaurant at Chokhi Dhani Resort is an excellent place to sit and discuss ideas, celebrate life’s pleasures, share conversations and perhaps meet new like-minded people. The Hindi word ‘Chaupal’ means a hub of community life and meetings, offering you fine outdoor dining, watching traditional Rajasthani art performances and enthralling live ghazal music, which are the poetic expressions of love and loss.

Traditional Dining

The traditional dining at Chokhi Dhani is very famous. Thali or meals on a platter have always been an integral part of the dining experience in Rajasthan and India, providing a hearty meal. The Chaupad and Sangri traditional sit-down style restaurants have become a ‘must-have experience’ among locals and visitors across the globe.

Royal Fine Dining

The Royal Fine Dining area is located in the Village area. Here the Royal Rajasthan Cusine is served with warm royal hospitality.