Best Hotel in Jaisalmer | Best Resort in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Royal Room

Experience a luxury stay in our elegant royal rooms with a touch of splendid hues of Rajasthan. Each room offers a spacious king size bed decorated with a selection of modern amenities and antiques.

Royal Suite

Enjoy our Regal bedroom with vintage interiors and a spacious bathroom that comes with a Jacuzzi to pamper the senses.
Heritage ambience with modern amenities makes our Royal Suites an ideal choice for a royal stay!

The Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel is an oasis of calm and tranquillity situated in the Golden City of Rajasthan. This luxury hotel in Jaisalmer, brought to you by the Chokhi Dhani Group, seamlessly blends the opulence and grandeur of Rajasthan's majestic architecture with modern comforts. Surrounded by the captivating dunes of the Thar Desert, this hotel promises an experience of royal treatment that will leave guests spellbound.

Immerse yourself in the splendour of the Golden City by allowing Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel to serve as the perfect backdrop for your visit. Step into our elegant 5 star hotel rooms or suites, where luxury awaits at every corner.

Discover the exhilarating and the extraordinary


Savour the authentic and exotic taste of Rajasthan.


Experience heritage and modern comfort in every room.


Enjoy the Camel Rides, Rajasthani folk dances, and more.

A Journey to Exquisiteness With Chokhi Dhani - Best Resort in Jaisalmer

Relish your senses with Aromatic Cuisines

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other at our Jaisalmer Palace Hotel's exceptional on-site restaurants. Our beautifully designed dining establishments transport guests into a world of aromatic flavours and delectable Rajputana cuisine.  Aarogosa, our royal-themed multi-cuisine restaurant, captivates with its heritage architecture, palatial ambience, and breathtaking interiors. Meanwhile, Bindola restaurant entices a fusion of Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines, complemented by a tastefully curated royal bar serving premium beverages.

An Opulent Stay at Best Hotel in Jaisalmer City

After a day of exploration and adventure, rejuvenate your senses with a refreshing swim in our 3 star Hotel Jaisalmer's outdoor pool or indulge in a pampering session at our exquisite spa. We understand the importance of taking time for yourself amidst the excitement of your journey. Begin your day with a revitalizing plunge into the pool, ready to embrace the wonders of Jaisalmer, and conclude it with luxurious spa treatments that will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated.

Organise Magnificent Galas with Spacious Venues

Whether you're planning a business event or a social gathering, Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel, the best hotel in Jaisalmer, offers versatile and sophisticated venue spaces to meet your needs. With our conference and banquet setups boasting royal decor and upgraded amenities, combined with exceptional event planning services, your occasion is sure to be a grand success. Spread across approximately 2500 square feet, our event space provides the perfect ambience for creating unforgettable memories.

Experience the Bliss of Rajasthan's Culture

Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel in Jaisalmer promises an unparalleled experience of grandeur and luxury. From the majestic architecture to the thoughtful amenities, every aspect has been carefully designed to transport guests to a world of Rajasthani royalty. Indulge in the rich flavours of Rajasthani cuisine, relax and recharge in our pool and spa, and make lasting memories in our sophisticated event spaces at one of the leading Jaisalmer Resort. Discover the timeless allure of Jaisalmer while basking in the unparalleled warmth and hospitality of Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel.

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Why choose Chokhi Dhani As a Best Hotel & Resort in Jaisalmer?

Situated amidst the city of extravagant forts and palaces, Chokhi Dhani is the best Resort in Jaisalmer City, with spacious guest rooms and suites that offer sophisticated amenities and opulent grandeur, providing you with a luxury and comfortable ambiance. The rooms and suites offer heritage architecture, high ceilings, and marvelous decor that keeps up with the character of the Hotel. Our grand Hotel radiates with a warm “home away from home” atmosphere, offering guests a high level of guest satisfaction. Savor the taste that celebrates the culinary heritage of Jaisalmer with delectable cuisines to gourmet connoisseurs. Discover the legacy of exuberant culture and traditions at Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel.


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