Safety Measures

Operational Facilities:

Swimming Pool, Gym, Recreation
Room & Library

Non-Operational Facility:

Spa closed due to Covid-19

We'd like to take this opportunity to give you a brief on all the precautionary and sanitisation measures implemented across all our properties to ensure your peace of mind during your stay with us.

All of our properties have a limited number of cottages that are located at a distance from the city centre. We are at drivable distances from different parts of India, making your travel safe and in the comfort of your own vehicle.

We’re taking the following steps across all properties:

1. Guests are required to show their travel history along with a photo identification prior to their arrival

2. Body temperature will be recorded of all guests, team members and vendors entering the premises

3. Our Rooms are cleaned thoroughly, sanitised, and sealed off until your arrival

4. Our house-keeping staff is equipped with cleaning checklists using professionally identified chemicals

5. Our restaurant and lobby seating has been rearranged to adhere to social distancing

6. Paper amenities will be made available upon request

7. 70% alcohol-based hand sanitisers placed at key public areas and in guest rooms

8. Safety kit containing disposable masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and surface wipes is placed in your room

9. Public areas and touchpoints such as countertops, tabletops, door handles, and taps are cleaned multiple times a day with disinfectant

10. Our team member’s body temperature is checked twice a day and recorded

11. Detailed training given to all food handlers on best practises based on the latest studies

12. Minibar items will be provided upon request

13. For your convenience and safety on the morning of departure, our Front Office teams will share an e-bill with you via WhatsApp or e-mail in the comfort of your room

14. An e-payment mode is also available via payment link to facilitate contactless check-outs

15. Valet parking services are discontinued for the time being and car handles will be cleaned with 70% alcohol

16. All material coming into our hotels will be sanitised immediately upon delivery. Safely packaged items are sprayed with disinfectant and fresh produce is washed with dissolved chlorine tablets in water as per global food safety norms.

17. Our kitchen teams are equipped with and will always be wearing masks, gloves and chef hats / hair nets and execute orders with the highest levels of hygiene.

18. A live feed to our kitchen CCTV cameras for your assurance is available via a live streaming link on request enabling you to watch your order being prepared

19. Kitchen utensils, equipment, crockery and cutlery are thoroughly cleaned with chlorine tablets and water after every use

20. Professional agencies are on standby for sanitisation of all areas should there be anyone detected with symptoms of COVID-19

21. Our Standard Operating Procedures across all departments have been redefined to adapt to this new environment without compromising the feeling of wellbeing amongst our guests.

22. All Guests & associates are requested to submit thier Health Declaration Certificates before Hotel Check-In.

23. All guests and associates are also requested to have the ‘Aarogya Setu’ app installed on their Mobile Phone.


1. Village activities will not be in operation till further instruction of the government.

2. Swimming Pool / GYM / SPA will be closed till further instruction of the government.

3. A Fixed Breakfast Menu is available.

4. Arti Tika & Traditional Welcome Drink will not be there as per the Safety Norms.


Room 1

Room Charge 21999.00
Room Tax 3959.82
Accomodation Price [Adult] 0.00
Accomodation Price [Below 9 Yrs] 0.00
Total 25958.82