Ride on the back of the ship of the desert (the Camel), the magnificent Elephant and the Horse Drawn by Tonga. Experience the raving excitement and adventure that comes from riding these majestic creatures. Take one round of the whole village in style, savoring the sights and sounds of the village at a leisurely pace. It is hard to resist taking a ride on all or any one of these.

Camel Ride

The most popular ride in Chokhi Dhani Village is on camel back. Take this ride to get a bird’s eye view of the entire Chokhi Dhani Village and experience the thrill of the ride, especially when the animal rises from the ground and settles down to let you off its back.

Elephant ride

Enjoy the ride on the mighty elephant and feel this princely feel like no other.

Bullock Cart Ride

Developed in ancient Indus Valley civilization, this is known to be one of first and the oldest vehicle on wheels still existing to date. It is still used in rural India on a regular basis and forms the basic mode of transportation in remote villages.

Horse Ride

Have the most memorable horse riding experience on the back of our well cared for horses at Chokhi Dhani Ethnic Village.

Boat Ride – Tal Talaiya

Chokhi Dhani has its own beautiful village Lake “Tal Talaiya” where one can enjoy boating. The waterfall at the end adds just the right touch of romance to the scenery.